Your Housing Group owes Partington £150m

Partington this year was to see a huge £150m investment by Your Housing Group to transform the area.


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The document we have seen clearly states the housing were to build new homes and even knock some down, it was likely they would have helped create a new shopping area on Oak Road, something the south-west end of Partington badly needs.

We can reveal that the letter seen was well after the consultations had ended, we saw these consultations and the plans on boards in the Gilmour House HQ that was shut to the public to enable in-house firm Fix360 to operate from.

The housing owes Partington this money, we have asked for further information to find out what has happened and will not leave this until they honour the money they owe residents, it could be given next year and we would welcome this despite the delay.

2018-12-19 20.25.44

Your housing Group have seen some big changes this year, and with some people coming and going, and job title changes, we expect them to get the project to change some of Partington for the better in the new year.



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