Fly tipping has increased in Trafford

Fly tipping has increased in some parts of Trafford even though tips are clearly open during the festive period.

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We saw lots of rubbish dumped on Sinderland Lane and Woodcote Road which is located just yards from a tip in Broadheath.

Some rubbish has been dumped on Chapel Lane in Partington, and we have read reports about a big fly tip in Old Trafford.

Speaking to a worker at Woodhouse Lane tip in Broadheath he tells us “We cannot understand why people dump rubbish in such a way when you have free tips in the Trafford area”

He continued to tell us that an individual can dump “Household” waist at any of the tips which includes furniture, carpets and other things from a house and up to 2 tonnes a year.

We have heard some excuses flying around about not being able to come in a van, this is not true, you can come to a tip even in a trade van, so long as your dumping household waste it does not matter.

Tips are open on a daily basis (although during the festive period times will change) you can find out more about your local tip here https://www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/environment/recycling-rubbish-and-waste/disposal-sites-in-trafford.aspx

We cannot say then why people dump waste since if they get caught out they will be fined, we cannot even say if those that have dumped the waist are even from Trafford, one thing we can say is it’s a disgrace.

In recent times a Partington man was brought before the courts after dumping some bricks on a verge in the area, and was fined.

It would be cheaper for the council to have cameras in known hotspots, it would serve as a deterrent and possibly catch anyone fly tipping.

To report any fly tipping in Trafford click here https://www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/transport-and-streets/street-care-and-cleaning/fly-tipping.aspx



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