The countdown to New Years Day 2019 has started

The countdown to New Years Day has started and you can see who will be first to cross the line.

fireworks display

You can view all times here https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Everyone is gearing up to one of the best New Years ever this year, with the weather here in Manchester being dry and not very cold many more people will be out on the town, in clubs just about everywhere having a great time.

Trafford is always great on New Years as we see loads of fireworks lighting up the sky and neighbours wish each other a Happy New Year.

Not everyone though has the same experiences, those that have Autism have to be shielded from such things, some elderly people are frightened, wildlife also do not know what is going on and are also frightened by the fireworks.

2019 is set to be one amazing year, and one for us! as we go into print for the first time in early March, a monthly publication on proper newspaper! we go from strength to strength because of you! our readers and all of us here at News4Trafford wish you all the best for the New Year.



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