Greater Manchester to ban fracking

With the date set for January 7th the GMSF (Greater Manchester Spatial Framework) meeting will take place and all leaders of Manchester’s councils will announce a range of measures giving Greater Manchester a much-needed boost.

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One of them measures is for Greater Manchester to ban fracking which will be like a late Christmas present to anti fracking campaigners and many residents in the area, Manchester though has not yet been fracked and only Salford has seen some action when iGas came in to explore for shale gas.

Fracking is incredibly controversial, with recent earthquakes at Blackpool after an area of Preston New Road was recently fracked,  it was seen as just to dangerous for Greater Manchester, under the ground here in Manchester are many mine shafts that could be disturbed causing huge sinkholes and other damage.

The big fracking companies though will challenge this since it already has approval to go to work wherever it likes, and that could even mean under your own home! and since they have full government backing and full support by police all `12 of them here in Trafford it is likely they will win in the end.

Fracking not only causes earthquakes, evidence shows that lots of toxic gasses are released into the air, and water supplies could be contaminated, we need to find other ways of getting the much-needed energy we need without further damaging the environment and this action by Greater Manchester will be very popular.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that Manchester is to ban fracking so that the city can be carbon neutral by 2038.


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