Major work due to start in and around Partington

This year will see lots of work being carried out around Carrington and Partington as much-needed houses are built.


Wainhomes will start work on around 300 new properties at the Future Carrington site, all these new homes will be built by the end of the year.

Whilst work is due to start at any time, The Carrington Gateway will also be in construction which will feature 220,000 ft of industrial space and six large units that will be seen on Manchester Road.

Work in Partington will also get underway at some point on the housing development on Central Road,  residents in Partington will also find out if Heath Farm Lane hybrid development gets the go ahead meaning work will start soon after since it has been delayed, although if it does get the nod, this development will take a while to complete.

If that was not enough Partington will find out this year if the Warburton Lane hybrid development is to be passed by planners at the council, if it is passed we expect the work to get underway later this year, like the Heath Farm Lane housing development it will be a while before it is completed.

HS2 may also stop the more western part of the Warburton Lane development as it comes real close, although HS2 may never see the light of day and many hope this is the case.

Work also could get underway on a new housing development on the former Redbrook Pub, which we expect the other bit of land where horses have been kept will finally be put into good use.

We have had hints that Your Housing Group have bought this land, although we cannot confirm this at this time.

What all this means is lots of disruption for residents, possibly some of these Carrington developments could disturb wildlife, no road closures are planned although if the Heath Farm Lane development gets underway, Broadway will be a hive of activity and might be one to avoid.

Once work has been completed this year, and people move in an increase in cars using roads in and around Partington will result, increased pollution and some delays at peak times.

We will update everyone every step of the way making sure Partington residents can prepare for what we have always said is a complete disaster for the area simply because of the lack of road and shop infrastructure.

On Wainhomes website it says “There is a good selection of schools and educational facilities available just a short distance away in nearby Partington, Flixton and Sale, along with shops and local amenities.” so all residents of the 277 homes will head for the nearest place which is Partington and probably all the others.

We are aware that a group from Carrington has decided it wants no new roads and is satisfied with one road and one road in this goes completely against what Partington residents want.

We asked for the group to offer us a statement on why they think having one road in and one road out was a good idea, but they did not respond.


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