Carrington Rapid Transit Corridor and relief road proposed as part of the new GMSF plans

The Carrington Rapid Transit Corridor and relief road proposed in the ‘Greater Manchester Spatial Framework’ plans will help Partington residents.

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Plans seen show two roads one we were already familiar with that snakes towards Carrington Lane and one that goes east bound from Common Lane and ends up going to the A56 in Sale.

This new route will ease congestion on Sinderland Lane and roads around Partington and we fully support this proposal, with the route towards Sale we should see proper cycling infrastructure as part of the plans.

The route east bound is a ‘Rapid Transit Corridor’ meaning public transport and cycling will have priority.

Friends of Carrington Moss who incredibly do not support any new roads will be devastated by these new proposals that make complete sense to us, we support them though to make sure any wildlife and green belt land is protected.

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The road that snakes through Carrington Moss and might cause some issues, although a good route on paper, we will study everything when we see the full proposals which we read will come by the end of the year.

With thousands of new homes being built around Carrington and Partington with even more housing developments in the pipeline to meet the 50,000 that is required for Greater Manchester new roads are as important as shop and medical infrastructure.

Building on green belt land will be cut in half in these new plans.

Both roads proposed must come as some relief to many in Partington who were rightly were concerned as we was about the roads after all the housing developments had been completed.

If the new plans are thumbed up at the end of the week, they will then be put back out to consultation.

You can view all the GMSF information here https://www.gmcameetings.co.uk/meetings/meeting/642/joint_gmcaagma_executive_board


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