Fracking company iGas exploration Ltd is dissolved

Fracking company iGas exploration Ltd has been dissolved after it asked to be written off on December 17th.

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Protesters at a fracking march

This means that where iGas had plans to frack people will no longer have to worry, however two fracking company still operates, Ineos and Cuadrilla continues to exist and it is with some hope that both will also fold, that is unlikely though.

Fracking is incredibly dangerous and drilling so deep into the earth cannot be something anyone is comfortable in doing, it is proven not only to cause earth tremors but also it pollutes the environment and in many cases has caused problems with water supplies.

We need energy as many of our nuclear power stations go out of date, to build another nuclear power plant would take years, so to manage our increasing energy demands we need to start looking at cleaner energy, wind farms and solar power and other things will help.

It is a fact that the UK and more so here in Manchester energy demand is at an all time high, with thousands more new people coming to live in the area more so here in Trafford that energy demand may not be met in the near future.

No one wants to see the lights go out, and the disruption this will cause to people, it could happen sooner than you think! so it is for government to find other ways of getting the supply right and at this time just like with everything else, it could not win an egg and spoon race.


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