You will be paying more for police next year

A consultation has gone out to everyone in Greater Manchester asking them how they feel about paying an extra £5 in next years council tax.

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The mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has said that the money already allocated for the police which is £15m would only cover the police pension shortfall.

He goes on to say that the money would be used to recruit 320 officers and sort out the 101 number.

Last years council tax residents had to pay and extra £5 to pay for police and looking at this deeper we can all see the police are struggling, burglary is up, personal robbery is up, just about every crime is rising.

The mayor back then promised us 100 new officers, and although it was only a small number that was recruited, did nothing to help Trafford residents, this time 320 will be recruited, still a small number but should make more of a difference.

We would question why could we not have had 320 officers last year? why only 100 when everyone paid the same amount?

Police are doing all they can to help Trafford, with only 12 they can only do so much, and looking at the crime figures it is clearly not enough.

The government should look after the pensions first, then give the police £15m to spend on officers and sorting out the 101 service so that you will get through within a few minutes not a few hours as is the case now.

Either way like it or not you will be paying that extra money next year with or without the consultation as the decision has already been made, we will though keep an eye on the real amount of police and hold the mayor to account if he fails to deliver on what he has said.

Deputy Mayor Bev Hughes said: “The Government’s disappointing and shameful police grant announcement did very little to ease the pressure on stretched police budgets, and once again passed the financial burden on to local taxpayers.

“This means we are left with very little choice but to ask Greater Manchester residents to contribute more to help us ensure that our police service is properly resourced to protect them.

“This is not an easy proposal to put forward and we do so very reluctantly, but I want to be clear that all the money raised through council tax will be invested in improving your police service. This will include continuing to strengthen police officer numbers and investing in new ways to tackle the increasing demands on the service.

“We need to balance the books whilst balancing competing demands, which is why we want to hear your views on the proposals as we continue to mitigate years of cuts.”

Have your say on the extra money ‘you will’ have to pay next year gmconsult.org

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