Get ready for one of the biggest running events in Manchester

The Trafford 10k which is an annual race starting and ending in Partington is to take place on March 10th is set to be the best yet.

screenshot 2019-01-14 at 3.38.19 pm

2019 Trafford 10K route

So succesful the event is it is now a sell out and with the amount of people running the narrow country lanes will be the biggest challenge more so if you want a good time.

This year some of your Trafford Labour councillors are taking part which should be good fun for them, maybe they will need the gained stamina for the up coming local elections or who knows maybe even a General Election.

It is now though you should be in good shape and already put in some mileage, if you have just started we would suggest running somewhere near the back and take your time and enjoy the run.

Even if you are just running for fun or charity then you must remember to wear the right gear! We have heard it time and time again people saying “Oh these trainers will do me they are cheap and cheerful” or similar, this is not the right thinking.

Wearing cheap and cheerful trainers is the way to damaging yourself in ways you could not imagine! the force of hitting the concrete sends shock waves through the body, if your trainers are cheap there will be little or no shock absorption and other things like comfort and support.

The same with the gear you wear, a cheap Slazenger top is fine for about a mile, then you will start sweating even at slower speeds! that sweat catches every bit of wind there is, and then you will get very cold resulting in clattering teeth and wanting to run the opposite way and sod the race feelings!

Wear the right equipment for any race, for any run that way not only will you be comfortable and supported, you will be able to run happy and not have any injuries to worry about.

For heavier runners we suggest to run on the grass, this would be the best way to get some fitness, never start on the concrete first, let the body adjust, of course if your heavy it will be more stress on your knees, so take it easy.

You can view more information about the Trafford 10K here https://www.runnorthwest.co.uk/events/about-run-north-west/


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