Partington Shopping Centre looks set to become much bigger soon

Partington Shopping Centre on Central Road could become a little bit bigger if the proposals to extend the shopping area are passed by Trafford planners.

screenshot 2019-01-15 at 11.01.28 am

The proposals are for a new single story retail and fast food development by the side of Partington Fish Bar.

This new development will help out a little as thousands of new people will be living in the area once all the housing developments have been built, however Partington Fish Bar has objected to the plans.

screenshot 2019-01-15 at 11.18.12 am

Google Street View

The Manager of Partington Fish bar claims that the new development will do damage to his business, will affect profits and more importantly affect his customers and adds that kids may start to hang around the side passage which again will affect his business.

We are not aware of any other business or individual at this time that are concerned about this new extension to Partington Shopping Centre.

The new development is much needed and despite some concerns should be passed at Trafford Council.


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