One man every 45 minutes is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

One man in every 45 minutes is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer according to the cancer charity Prostate Cancer UK.

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From 2001 to 2015 almost 33,000 men were diagnosed with the cancer, sadly the charity has said there has been an increase in deaths in recent years.

Despite the increase, more men are now living longer because they talk to the GP when things are going wrong, once the GP knows your chances of survival if it is caught soon enough are much higher.

Prostate cancer is the UK’s third biggest killer and whilst treatments have improved much more work is needed to ensure more men seek help from the GP as soon as they can, if you are a guy now having issues down below, your decision is either go to the doctor get things checked out, or leave it, hope it goes away, if it is the cancer well you know the rest.

Fears of going to see the doctor have all but gone away as more men are seeking help, it maybe nothing once investigations are carried out, the doctor knows when there are problems that need checking out, our advice is to seek help now!

Only men have a prostate and is the shape of a walnut which is located under the bladder, for more information on the prostate and what it is watch the video taken from Prostate Cancer UK.


For more information and how to donate to this great charity click here https://prostatecanceruk.org/


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