Dog fouling is becoming an issue on one road in Sale

Not picking up. after your dog has pooped on the pavement or anywhere else is not only disgusting but you could also end up being fined £1000.


Residents of Briarlands Road in Sale got so fed up with one man who has never picked up his dog poo that they resorted to putting a sign up on a tree (this has now been taken down) and even using a circle for where the dog had done its thing.

The notice said “Dear disgusing dog walker, kindly start picking up after your dog or we the resisent will send photo’s of you to the council”

We have also reported this to the council.

As of yet we have no confirmed sighting of the individual responsible and we know he walks his dog between 8 and 8.30pm, a reporter waited for him last night but he did not show.

Trafford council takes dog fouling seriously and anyone caught out could be find £1000, their is no excuses either as dog poop bags are no more than £1.

If you do catch up with this individual which we believe is a male, take some caution not to go full on with him, but to explain that almost every dog walker picks up after him or her and how anti social it is not to do so, and without question tell him about the hefty fine if he does not pick up.

For more information on how Trafford Council deals with dog fouling click the link https://www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/transport-and-streets/street-care-and-cleaning/secure/dog-fouling.aspx


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