Game changing investment found for Carrington and Partington

A ‘game changing’ event is being held in the Partington area next month to find out what you want to see happen in the coming years with regards to health.

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The Peoples Church, Pic Google Street View

The event is being held at the Peoples Church on Chapel Lane in Partington on Feb 11th from 6 until 8pm and all are welcome, refreshments are also provided.

At the event people from Your Housing Group and Trafford Housing Trust will provide everyone with updates on all the new housing developments that are due to be built soon, we expect Your Housing Group to announce plans for a new housing development on land where The Redbrook Pub used to be and possibly on the land next to it on Oak Road.

The Partington Moving Local pilot will aim to get Partington more active, and investments in the area will go to what local people want, we are already aware through talking to local people that a running track is one popular option so long as it was fenced off and looked after.

We agree it would be a brilliant idea to have such a facility in the area which would bring in runners from Lymm, Warburton and Carrington, it would help the local boxing and football clubs and for those that want to have a walk.

You will have a chance to have your say on the night on what you want to see happen to the investment to help get Partington more physically active.

We welcome the plans to help Partington and hope the investment will come much sooner than 2031.

What we know so far is that the building of Future Carrington has started, and we await the decision on Heath Farm Lane, it has been delayed because of Highways England.

Warburton Lane hybrid development is on green belt land, and it could be that the part of the development that is closest to Warburton Park is scrapped because of HS2 which comes incredibly close to it and Partington.

Peel Lock Lane is still in the air, it seems no one wants to buy that land, we think they should develop the land so that people have a better walking and cycling facility, however if they find someone who likes the look of the area then 550 new apartments will be built.

Peel will be building 16 new houses on Central Road soon.

It is likely that more housing developments will appear in the coming year, and any that are in the pipe line will have to be built on green belt land, we expect though little opposition unless we see the political people actually coming out and saying a big “No” to this, once they do they will have the support of local people.


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