Roads starting to clear as One Trafford fight the snow and the ice

One Trafford has been given a thumbs down after roads were either blocked or dangerous to pass this morning now the battle is on for the icy conditions later.


Icy back roads in Sale

With this update we can confirm A56 Washway Road both ways is completely clear, as are Woodhouse Lane, Manor Avenue.

The Avenue in Sale is looking better and easy to travel down,Meadway is clear towards Coppice Avenue, once on Coppice Avenue due to the road surface extra care is needed.

We saw One Trafford gritters spreading on Washway Road, although that was good, they really need to grit the pavements as this is where all the issues will be as the temperature dips to -1 or colder if you live in Partington.

As of now we have been told no grit was seen on the pavements in Partington, we are asking the Parish Council what if anything they can do to make the situation a little safer for the residents who pay them.

More updates follow…


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