Ole, Carrick and Robson turned out for the Munich Memorial at Old Trafford

Today all football fans and players from all over the world remember one of the biggest footballing tragedies of our times.


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The Munich Air disaster claimed the lives of some incredibly gifted Manchester United footballers:

  • Geoff Bent
  • Roger Byrne
  • Eddie Colman
  • Duncan Edwards who survived the crash, but sadly died in hospital 15 days later
  • Mark Jones
  • David Pegg
  • Tommy Taylor
  • Liam Whelan

Sadly 8 journalists died that day Feb 6th 1958 we remember them all.

Fans today turned up early laying down flowers and reefs under the memorial, a flag type banner that was stuck to fencing that surrounded where the speakers and guests were to do there magic.

The surprise to all was when Solskjaer, Carrick and Bryan Robson turned up, they stayed in the corner watching on, the time had passed so quickly, the two-minute silence observed very well, it was so silent everything seemed to come to a standstill, no more could you hear the busy Chester Road and life around it, it just went silent.

Ole and co left through a door inside the K stand tunnel and appeared again outside of the Stretford End where they was greeted by many surprised fans, only a steward getting in the way of fans taking pictures.

The day though was about remembering those that died in a dreadful air crash in Munich, the flowers of Manchester loved by all, and never forgotten in our hearts.


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