A Partington man who lost 6 stone and reversed his diabetes is inspiring others to take part in a diet plan that saved his life

More than 11,425 people in Trafford are living with Type 2 diabetes – that’s every 16th person. Partington Man Mike Jarman lost 6 stones on a special weight loss plan that reversed his diabetes within a year wants more people to take part in the pilot.


Dr James Hider from Partington Family Practice is driving the Type 2 diabetes pilot in the Partington practices. He said: “One in every 12 people in Partington has Type 2 diabetes – one of the highest rates in Trafford.  And many of the 120 patients on the pilot weigh more than 20 stone. Obesity is a very real and serious risk factor for Type 2 diabetes and its complications, and the pilot aims to help ‘kick-start’ a new lifestyle for patients.

“We appreciate that tackling the condition and changing the habits of a lifetime can be challenging so we’ve a team of doctors and nurses dedicated to seeing patients as often as is needed. Alongside the health checks – blood, weight, blood pressure, urine, foot care assessments – there’s support with nutrition, lifestyle and exercise, plus encouragement from patients in similar situations and mentoring from those who have transformed their own lives.”

Grateful for Dr Hider’s support, and weighing more than 21 stone a year ago, Mike Jarman was told he was in danger of slowly killing himself. The father of five from Partington said: “This was the wake up call I needed. I had an unhealthy lifestyle, constantly ate too much and was told that unless I started making changes, the condition could lead to serious health problems. My choice was ‘sort it out’ or ‘game over.’

“For me it was simple: I want a long, enjoyable life with my family and be around to walk my young daughters – now 14 and nine-years-old – down the aisle, and see my sons grow up.”

Twelve months on, Mike has lost more than six stone (using LighterLife’s Total Diet Replacement (TDR) Plan) and has reversed his Type 2 diabetes blood tests to normal. He’s keen to help others struggling to make the change. He described the last year as “tough” but said he is now able to do more with his children and wife, play football and enjoy life. This week Mike’s story was featured on ITV’s “This Time Next Year” programme where he pledged to change his weight and reverse his condition.

Dr James Hider on ITV discussing diabetes

Dr Hider

Mike Jarman with Davina McCall

Mike Jarman on ITV

Added Dr Hider: “Mike’s transformation is remarkable. His huge efforts, and determination to transform his lifestyle, has shown to others in the same position that change is possible. He’s a great ambassador for the work we’re doing in Partington and we’re delighted he’s keen to encourage and support others struggling with Type 2 diabetes in his home community.

“The Partington pilot is already making a difference.  Patients are seeing their blood results improving and their weight dropping. They also benefit from local and tailored support rather than less frequent hospital consultant appointments to manage the condition. The aim from the pilot, run in conjunction with Trafford CCG, will be to roll out clinic access to all surgeries across Trafford.”

No of people living with Type 2 diabetes in Trafford 11,425

·        1 in 16 in Trafford living with diabetes Type 2 (17+

 Breakdown of Trafford areas (based on location of GP practice; not the patient’s address)

·        Partington : 1 in 12

·        Sale : 1 in 17

·        Timperley : 1 in 18

·        Altrincham : 1 in 21

·        Hale Barns : 1 in 20

·        Urmston : 1 in 16

·        Stretford : 1 in 13

·        Old Trafford : 1 in 10

Diabetes can be a killer if complications set in, to stop this from happening once diagnosed you need regualar check ups, and try and get rid of some weight, whilst easier said than done, looking at Mike as an inspiration will help you along the way to not only becoming healthier and leaner, a new you! but also and most importantly to reverse the condition.

With Type 2 diabetes you are at risk of kidney issues, amputation, soars, blindness and in the worst case even death! we say follow Mike and ask about the weight plan at your doctors.


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