Alabama rot kills dogs and answers could soon be found

Alabama rot is a dog killer and many people have asked what is killing their dogs, now as a result of testing vets in the south of England are showing some positive indications that they are close to an answer.

A vet in Cornwall treated a dog that sadly died of kidney infection, they said that the animal had a cut on one of its paws, with the permission of the owner samples from the dog was sent off and the results of this will be known very soon.

Although Alabama rot is still rare and owners do not need to worry, the general advice is to stay away from streams and wooded areas, even when not in these areas you should clean the dogs paws after a walk.

If the animal starts getting sores on the paws or lower legs you must get the animal to a vets as soon as possible.

It is often thought that Alabama rot is a parasite within mud or even in streams, other ideas of what Alabama rot is a range from conspiracy to plain insanity, either way until the answer is found and we believe this vets in Cornwall will provide some positive results do not take any risks.


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