Ducks and geese plucked to death to keep humans warm and cosy at night

Ducks and geese are plucked to death for their feathers to keep humans warm according to PETA (Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals)

It is a distressing time for the birds, where they are heard screaming in pain as a worker in an asian factory takes out every feather, they often die as a result of shock and suffer heart failure or are slaughtered.


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Feathers will be put into a bag where it will go into a machine to clean them all, once they have all been checked and cleaned they are sent off to many factories that make down jackets and other things like quilts and pillows.

We are with PETA and ask you to reject down jackets, pillows and quilts.

Down feathers in jackets keep the wearer very warm, it though often ends up coming out of the jacket as the stitching becomes looser and the holes become wider, this in itself should be off-putting.

If you want a jacket to keep warm, a range of synthetics can do an even better job, Primaloft is just one of them.

We have contacted several leading brands who use down in their jackets and will update this article as soon as we get the responses.


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