Pupil at Flixton Girls School caught with a knife

A pupil at Flixton Girls School caused alarm after she was found to have with her a pen knife, although the girl pupil had no intent to cause any harm it shows the vulnerabilities of keeping weapons out of the school environment.

close up of woman working

The school kept in touch with every parent affected and the all clear was given.

Knife crime is being treated as a national crisis and those in authority seemingly unable to find out why teenagers are knifing each other to death.

Here we try to get to the bottom of the crisis, and we feel it’s not just one thing but several things causing young people to kill each other with blades.

Cuts to police forces are one of the biggest factors, with less police we will see more drug dealers and other criminals coming out of the darkness where they came from, drugs are a huge issue more so here in Trafford.

Gangs of kids all ages snorting these silver canisters in our parks and openly for all to see, we saw kids sniffing Lynx sprays in Walton Park! anything with a spray they would sniff.

To them it’s getting them high, that buzz sadly they are not aware that their own brains are still developing and all this stuff they are sniffing and taking is not good at all, some of them will not be able to take it and become a complete idiot within minutes.

Peer pressure is something that has to be mentioned, you can only join our gang if you do this type of thing.

Boredom is another big problem all over the UK as youth centres have been closed, and with it goes the support, these youth centre workers not only gave these kids something to do, but someone to look up to, kids would often come up to them asking questions that they may have not been able to tell mum or dad about with fear of being grounded or worse!

The reality is this government has taken away everything from them, and now we are seeing kids of all ages more so the teenagers go around the twist, killing someone with a blade or with anything though is beyond crazy, it’s just plain insane.

The political councillors here in Trafford more so Labour are trying to give them not only something to do, but to be part of how the council is run, to make them feel wanted and are not rejected.

Lastly, not all children and young people are into criminal things, they belong to very good families where the parents or parent not only love them as you would expect but talk with them about what is going on in our ever brutal world.

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