Advice for those running the Trafford 10k tomorrow

We have some advice for those running in Sunday’s Trafford 10K race.

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The race starts at the sports centre in Partington at 9.30am and goes out into the country lanes into parts of Dunham and turns back into Partington, road closures will be in place until the race is over.

With the weather set to be bad, we suggest wearing running tights, bring gloves! and a good waterproof running jacket, if you have Gore-Tex running shoes or something waterproof wear them.

If you have a cap this will help shield most of the cold and rain.

Once the running is underway and making sure you do not eat anything to huge tonight, or on the morning of the race we offer some expert advice to get you around the course and fall in love with running.

Click HERE for some incredibly good expert advice, remember though to do the following:

  • Head up always, look to the horizon this saves energy
  • Toes up, knees up, always try to do this when running
  • Keep arms relaxed at all times
  • Do not go fast at the start, many people do this and flop half way around the course stay in the pack, if there is a headwind stay behind someone to shield you
  • We do not suggest listening to music whilst running a race, or even training as it reduces your concentration on what you are doing, it is also dangerous when training as you can no longer hear what is going on around you.
  • DO NOT wear brand new trainers! or socks and no cotton t-shirts as that absorbs sweat and will make your body much cooler.


If you are doing this run for charity then well done! you may not want to run or maybe have never run an event before, with the weather set to be bad, you will still need very light clothing, no cotton anywhere! and will need good trainers that you have worn many times before.

Gloves tomorrow will be incredibly important so you are protected, take them off and you will regret it!

Drinking and eating are important, we do not suggest you eating a big meal tonight, and all eating must stop from 8pm max, no fried food in the morning and no cows milk!

Drink plenty of water and have some fruit and bring with you a flap jack bar or energy bar that you can buy from Boots etc.

We wish everyone good luck in the race, applying the techniques and the above advice to your run will not only give you a good time, it will help you get around it in the most comfortable way possible.


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