Spicealicious dancers are 4 talented girls with a dream to meet their favourite band

Spicealicious are a group of 4 girls with the dream of meeting their favourite band The Spice Girls.

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Kaitlen, Demi, Macy and Zara all from Trafford have been a dance group for the past two years  and working very hard, turning up 6 days a week at their Sale dance studio.

The Spiceolicious girls have a Facebook and Instagram group and hopefully soon a YouTube channel so everyone can see how talented they all are.

For all the effort they have put in, they deserve that one chance to be with the band they really love, and to show the world there many talents.

The Spice Girls will be playing at The Etihad Stadium in May this year.

If your child would like to become a dancer, or likes drama or wants to be a singer, the place to come is the ‘Aim Sky High company on School Road in Sale, you can get to it around the back.

Ask for Christina Taylor who is the owner and teacher at Aim Sky High.

We have contacted Spice Girls management what they can do for the girls and await a reply.




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