Filming crews seen on Washway Road in Sale

A filming crew was seen today in Sale on a special vehicle that had a rig on the back where another car was being towed around.

They were heading for Altrincham and the crew seemed to be delighted with our interest.

They did not tell us anything at the time we started filming, however within the car was a blonde woman and someone in the back had been hiding, but you cannot hide from us and we got a picture of a poser in the back.

Washway Road has been the focus of road safety campaigners in recent times, more so Washway Road Action Group who have bent over backwards to get The Drive at its Jnc with Washway Road and Langdale Road sorted out as in its present format is simply unsafe due to very poor driving standards.

As for information about the filming, we hope to have an update soon.


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