Trafford planners approve the redevelopment of Sale Square Shopping Centre

Trafford Planners have tonight approved the redevelopment of Sale Square Shopping Centre.

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Several councillors wanted the redevelopment to be either differed or cancelled due to several factors, all were not happy with the relocation of the taxi rank from Hereford Road to Sibson Road.

In the meeting held tonight (March 14) at Trafford Council there were no real support for the redevelopment, all were not happy that the residents of Sibson House who only knew that they would have to move out through the MEN.

It is now believed they will all get compensation and the owners of the property THT are to offer new places for these people to live in, although one councillor mentioned that THT would find it hard to find everyone a new home.

The 825 seater cinema was well received by all and agree that it will help the night-time economy of the area.

One councillor who is from Urmston said she was happy with the Sale redevelopment and is 10 times better than Urmston Eden Square.

Sibson Road will be narrowed with a pedestrian crossing which an Altrincham councillor said would reduce speeding and help people to walk, cycle or use public transport into the new shopping centre.

The height of the buildings was of great concern, as was how the grade 2 listed St Paul’s Church would be in the new developments shadow.

Overall though the public wanted this to happen by the amount of approvals from the consultations that took place.

Sale Square Shopping Centre is living in the past, and it needs a change, it will enhance the entire area, bring in more people and add to the economy.

Although the way the residents of Sibson House have been treated in an appalling way, despite the much-needed compensation will have to move elsewhere when they may be settled, they may be near family and friends and they have not been thought about properly in this process.

Whatever anyone thinks, from those in power to the residents this redevelopment has now been approved and work will commence sometime this year.



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