Shocking footage still on YouTube of a lone gunman shooting people at a mosque in New Zealand

Shocking footage can still be seen on YouTube of a lone gunman killing innocent muslims at a mosque in New Zealand.

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The gunman who has been charged with murder live streamed the killings, we could see him getting into his car and asking for people to subscribe to his channel, he had with him what looks like 3 guns and one he casually went into the front of one mosque and opened fire with a very big machine gun.

No one stood a chance and many died on the spot, the gun man seemed to take a life time and continued to fire at people he already killed, we saw people running away, so some did survive.

The video we have watched and incredibly still on YouTube could not be watched or shown due to its sickening footage, this was a mass slaughter of innocent muslim people going to Friday prayer.

Friday prayer is called Juma and is the most important prayer of the week.

We believe the gunman has been arrested and charged with murder, we are also aware other people were involved in the shootings and are being held.

Greater Manchester Police have issued a statement about the shootings in New Zealand.

Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson from Greater Manchester Police, said: “The events which happened overnight in New Zealand are saddening and truly shocking, made worse, if it could be, by the targeting of a specific part of the community.

“It is hard to imagine the scene and how difficult it is for everyone in New Zealand. No doubt this tragedy will shake the people of New Zealand for many, many years.

“In Manchester we know all too well the effects of terrorism and the pain it causes for families and communities; and while this has happened on the other side of the world the hurt is shared here in Greater Manchester as well as across the UK.

“Given how shocking this is people will understandably be very upset and perhaps worried, especially amongst our Muslim communities, and we will be working hard to reassure them and communities of all faiths.

“We have nothing to suggest a threat locally but regardless of this we want to reassure people and so we will be increasing patrols in and around local mosques. We are also making direct contact with trustees and representatives of mosques to explain what we are doing.

“If you have any concerns or questions please approach one of our officers and tell them.”


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