Proposed housing development in Stretford given the thumbs down by Trafford planning

A proposed housing development on the former B&Q store in Stretford has been given the thumbs down at a planning meeting at Trafford Council.

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Former B&Q site in Stretford: Image Google Maps

Almost everyone at the planning meeting did not like the size of the development which would have dwarfed everything else in the immediate area, and the scale which was ‘Ginormous’ according to a councillor.

The housing development would have seen 435 flats in a tower block, it would have come with car parking for residents but oddly not for staff.

Lancashire CC had some representation, they thought the development was way too big in size and would cause issues with the cricket club, we agree that with bands being allowed to play at the ground the noise levels will be a huge issue.

When Rihanna played a gig at the ground, people from North Manchester could hear it, having checked ourselves with those in charge of monitoring sound levels at the concert they told us although loud it was within the guidelines, if she comes back or another band or singer is that loud, windows will be rattling.

We agree with one councillor who said that having a housing development that size would be good for the economy, it is also agreed that it would be better to have something like this rather than having a rundown ruin as it is today.

The developer it seems was not doing a great job at representation, having changed things at the last minute did not help its cause, the application did not cover every issue that a development that size could bring, this will have caused local people some anxiety.

More flats (and they need to be affordable ones) need to be built in Trafford, we all agree with this, however, some limits are needed, the council are approving almost every housing development so it was with great pleasure ‘for once’ and for the residents and the cricket club we are happy to  say the council  did not approve this one.

Once the hands went up to cancel out the proposal and it was made official the council had thumbed it down, members of the public out of view of the camera was heard cheering the result.

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