Your mobile phone bill will be higher as the big networks continue to fleece the public

Mobile phone networks are set to change the price of your pay monthly contract due to a thing called RPI (Retail Price Index) on April 1st.


EE have already increased price plans by 2.7% yet O2 and Vodafone at 2.5% many people would be asking themselves why are EE charging more for, if the increases are because of RPI then all should be the same.

Actually we feel the price increases are just another way to fleece the public.

If you are on a £35 a month tariff you will be paying just under £1 more, this might not sound like much of a rise, if you think of how many people are on pay monthly on say O2 then do the maths each month! comes to a lot of money extra for the network.

We need these mobile phones though, and are always looking to buy the latest handsets such is our interest, many people have 3 or 4 handsets they love them so much.

Although it is great to see such innovation and some of the most swanky handset designs and features on the mobile market, it still cannot be right that the mobile phone networks fleece those that use the handsets.

Mobile phone companies are not your friend, they are not a member of the family and they do not give care about you, only when you are buying a phone do they care! once you leave the shop that’s it, they are not a charity, all they care about is your money and loads of money for the shareholders.

However UK mobile networks do offer great coverage and good customer services, some networks do have better deals than others so we suggest to shop around, it does cost a fortune to run a mobile network and costs are increasing, is it right though to be passing these costs on to you?

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