Fly tipper gets fined for dumping soil on land near Oak Road Park in Partington

A workman caught on camera dumping soil near playing fields in Partington pleaded guilty to fly-tipping following an investigation by Trafford Council.


Fly Tipper in action 

Philip Webb admitted fly tipping at land on Oak Road, Partington, when he appeared at Manchester Magistrates Court.

Mr Webb, aged 40, of Flixton Road, Flixton, was photographed in a dumper truck by a resident who then passed the pictures to Trafford Council’s Environmental Improvement Team.

The Council investigated the crime and decided to prosecute Mr Webb following the incident on July 26 last year.

The court heard he was clearing a garden on Hampshire Road Partington of soil and waste. He was seen making several trips along the walkway in a digger and dumped several large mounds of soil onto the edge of the playing fields on Oak Road.

He was fined £600 with £200 costs and a £60 victims surcharge when he appeared in Court on Tuesday, March 26.

Mark Dale, Principal Manager of Trafford Council’s Environmental Improvement Team, said: “Fly tipping is something we will never tolerate and we will take even tougher action to show we are serious about tackling this issue. The Council is passionate about ensuring our neighbourhoods are clean and attractive places.

This man was photographed dumping soil by a resident. We are asking everyone for their continued support, so that together we can make where you live a place to be really proud of. If you see this happening, please report it to the Council and we will investigate. We want to make Trafford an even greener and better place to live.”

Partington has seen some of the worst fly tipping in the borough in the past, gladly the area is looking much better due to more residents looking after the place they live in, and our help, only on Sunday we reported 5 things to the council that needed sorting out.

The parish council are paid to do some of the cleaning up, and fixing things although regrettably they have suddenly gone into their shell again, we will continue to press them to do more.


Dumped on a field on Chapel Lane 

If you see anyone fly-tipping in your area, please call the Council’s Environmental Improvement Team on 0161 912 2000.

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