Aviation fans got excited today when they saw on a popular app a 747 jumbo jet at Blackpool Airport

Using the popular and accurate flightradar 24 app aviation fans could not believe what they were seeing today.


Image: Flightradar 24

A 747 jumbo jet was on the runway of Blackpool Airport or so it seemed, it turns out the software could only use Blackpool as it was the nearest airport and the reality was the aircraft was taking off at Warton Aerodrome to a unkown destination.

The length of the longest runway at Blackpool Airport is 2170m where Warton’s longest runway is 2421m.

A 747 needs a fair bit more than what Warton has to offer so this take off was very short.

The aircraft was a Silkway cargo aircraft and was in the air just after 4pm and went south.

Some aviation fans on social media thought it may have turned around and landed at Manchester, it though continued to go south.

We have contacted Silkway West to find out why it was at Warton.

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