Recent study shows the North West has the highest numbers of smokers in England


The North West has the highest amount of smokers in England according to a recent study.

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A shocking 16.1% regularly smoke which his well above the national average.

It can sometimes be hard to visualise percentages, but when you translate the 16.1% of people in the North West who smoke as a whopping 84,500 more than the England average number of smokers, we can see that the region needs to take the figures seriously and deploy new ways of supporting people to give up smoking for good.

The worst offending city in the North West is Blackpool with 22.3% of the population smoking. Manchester (22%) has the next highest smoking rate in the North West, followed by Salford (20%).

Other areas within the North West fare better with their smoking rates. Sefton has the lowest prevalence of smoking in adults (18+) in the North West at 12.4%, which is below the overall England average of 14.9%. Next lowest is Warrington (12.5%) and joint third lowest is Trafford with Cheshire West and Cheshire (12.7%).

The figures were sourced from Public Health England from NHS ‘quit smoking’ services and collated by Vape Club for Vaping Awareness Month − VApril. The data reveals a detailed look at where smoking remains an issue and how successful NHS services have been able to encourage smoking cessation − the quit rate.

The added pressure this puts on services can be seen by Public Health England data for ‘smoking attributable hospital admissions’ per region. The North West ranks highly for smoking related hospital admissions in England where waiting lists are already too long. Blackpool has the most smoking related hospital admissions in the country.

Positively, NHS services across all of the North West have recorded a 2.3% quit rate – exceeding the average achieved across England (2.1%). With 14 out of the 22 areas in the North West exceeding the England average, there continue to be communities who are clearly struggling to encourage local smokers to quit. Bolton (0.2%) and Trafford (0.3%) have quit rates which rank within the lowest 5 areas in England.

There needs to be some urgent action in this region of the country to get smoking rates down − what can be done to help the North West to quit smoking for good?

e,In a recent UK study published the participants were taken from the NHS ‘quit smoking’ services and were given either the standard available nicotine replacement, or provided with a half using e-cigarettes and half using other nicotine replacement products. It was found that nearly 1 in 5 people (18%) from the vaping sample successfully quit  − compared to 1 in every 10 of quitters using alternative nicotine replacement methods.

According to Public Health England, vaping may be contributing to at least 20,000 smokers quitting every year, yet clearly more needs to be done in promoting vaping in the North West. VApril aims to continue where Stopober started to encourage smokers to switch from smoking to vaping.

Dan Marchant, Founder of Vape Club and a board member of the UK Vaping Industry Association,  notes:

‘Vaping gives a real alternative to traditional smoking cessation products, and as the study shows they are actually twice as effective.  It is fantastic to see organisations such as Public Health England and the NHS embrace the public health breakthrough that is vaping, but we still have a long way to go to get this message out to the remaining 7.4million smokers in the UK.’

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