Poor allergen knowledge and a rusty can opener gives a Sale take away a poor food hygiene rating score

We investigated further as to why a popular Sale pizza and kebab shop was given such a poor food hygiene rating in December last year.

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Star Pizza II on Ashfield Road in Sale is very popular, serving some of the best food around however it was given a 1 food hygiene rating score in December 2018.

Food hygiene scores are rated from 0 (zero) to 5 if an establishment gets rated 0 (zero) this is a score that could close down a take away! a 1 score as with Star Pizza II is not good at all, once you get to a 4 and 5 the inspection has passed and the owner can be proud and show his or her customers that they are completely safe to eat from which of course helps bring in more customers.

No take away should be under a 3 in our opinion, no excuses can be made more so with allergens, we know of a chippy in Sale that was dropped one point from a 3 to a 2 because of cross contamination and they are still doing it! which we are sure will not help them when the inspectors check again this year.

Breaking down the ‘incomplete’ inspectors report about Star Pizza II said:

  • Safer food better business pack incomplete safe methods, staff training, diary 4 weeks out of date
  • Ensure allergen management as issues had been found
  • No system to identify allergens in foods and some items decanted with no ingredient information kept
  • Staff requires training on allergens
  • Signage regarding allergens inadequate in shop, use sign provided or similar.
  • Staff have┬ánot considered properly how to prepare allergen free food or awareness and control of allergen cross contamination

The take away was ordered not to be serving food for people will allergies until a proper allergen system was in place and staff had the proper allergen training.

In the shop the inspector found a ventilation grill was missing, a bare chipboard and shavings by griddle, a rusty dirty tin opener, rear door left open which needs to be closed so to control pests, pizza roller guard was not in place which the inspector says needed to be in place to protect the safety of users.

We can only hope the advice about allergens and everything else the inspector gave the owner of this popular take away was taken seriously and that now after a few months since the inspection that all has been sorted out which we expect work on this has now been completed, and that rusty dirty can opener was thrown away!

As to why the inspector did not complete the inspection is currently unknown.

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