Motorists caught out by a change of speed on a busy road in Stretford

Some motorists have been caught out by a traffic camera on the A56 in Stretford that is ‘rightly’ saying they are going faster than the speed limit.


Traffic Camera at Stretford: Pic Darren Marsden

The catch is that many people have not seen any 30mph road signs until now! even so, people are still getting caught out and being fined.

One driver told us that from Sale to Chorlton there are 4-speed zone changes that anyone could have problems with.

A driver though should be paying attention this is correct, however, if the speed change is sudden and the signage is either too small or positioned in a bad place then how can anyone be to blame for this.

We went to investigate and did not find any 30mph zone signage anywhere near the camera that is catching everyone out in Stretford, with the message now out about this speed trap, drivers should get to the right speed if going towards Manchester at Stretford flats that way everyone is doing the right thing.

The council also has a big part to play, and play fairly! making sure any speed changes have the proper signage in a place where people can see it.

In an ideal world everywhere would be 20mph and 30mph on a big ‘A’ road, the speed should not keep changing so a council can catch motorists out and so profit from it.


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