Marathon runners slated after they was seen throwing water bottles and spitting at people in Sale

The Manchester Marathon has become a great ‘Trafford’ event that attracts over 20,000 people from all over the world.



Driver pulled over in Sale: Pic Darren Marsden

It also brings out the spectators who cheer them on, many of them children and they do a great job, it gives tired runners that lift to keep going.

In this year’s marathon, we saw some runners throwing bottles of water at people including children, in one incident one runner spat towards a child near Eastway in Sale, it got so bad at one point runners were throwing bottles at each other!

One mother made a comment saying “We only came out to cheer on the runners, and this is what we get” we could see others trying to dodge the often full bottles of water.

One man threw an energy gel at a male watching on, he shouted to the runner “Oi what you doing that for?” the runner responded in the right way and apologised.

We will say though the majority of runners did behave well and enjoyed the attention they got from the spectators.

Drinking water is incredibly important to a runner, throwing it at spectators and more so spitting at them is not on.

More incidents happened yesterday, we saw three cars on heading towards 20,000 marathon runners, in one incident a white BMW went past the leader, fortunately he was pulled over by the lead motorbiker, shortly after we saw another car heading towards the runners with only minutes to spare frantic residents did their best to get the dozy looking driver on the inside of the cones where he was supposed to be.

He was that gormless he almost collided with another car! was this then the fault of the marshalls? or the layout? maybe both, either way, fortunately, all went well and the runners came through.

Although not to take any shine of this event, we hope the organisers keep the marathon in Trafford, and if this is the case we want them to make sure no runner throws bottles or spits on people again.

We have reported the incidents to Xtra-Mile events and will update this article when they get back to us.

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