The Pink Moon will be visible tonight all over Manchester

Last night the full moon looked glowing white, tonight’s full moon will be spectacular.


Full Moon: Image Darren Marsden

With conditions looking clear, many people all over Manchester will be able to see the moon which will be much bigger than normal.

The pink moon has many names such as egg moon, fish moon and so on, it is called this as it’s the first full moon of April.

Some say it has some spiritual meaning, for us it is just another full moon and on where anyone with a Nikon p900 camera or P1000 can get even closer for some great pictures and video of the moon.

Our moon has taken a battering from the millions of rocks flying around in space, it does influence life on Earth, and of course it influences the tides.

Get your cameras ready and send in your pictures to us and we will add it to a gallery remember we need your name and location so we can credit the best photos.

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