Climate change is real we must do our bit to help our planet before its to late


Climate change is something each and everyone of us all around the globe needs to take seriously.

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We have a limited time to stop changes to the planet that will change the way we live on this planet forever from wilder storms, and some land being swallowed up by excess water as sea levels rise due to the poles melting.

The people around the world can participate in helping the environment, look at what you can do!

  • Do you have to drive to school? by not driving to and from school you will not only do the environment a good turn, but you will also be doing yourself a favour and your kids who would love to cycle or walk to school, it would also help with pollution levels.
  • Do you have to go to the shop in your car? we have seen it many times and it is frustrating that people only a block away go to the shop in the car, stop this! get walking or cycle to the shop.
  • Do not have a wood burning stove in the house, reject this immediately, it is highly toxic to the environment and pollution from these things that keep you warm during winter is not only harming everyone outside but also to yourself and your kids inside the house!
  • Cut down on your plastics! try to avoid where possible, using some plastics also can cause issues for humans, a chemical BPA has been found to leak into drinks and foods, also do not use Unstobbables or similar fragrance balls for your washing machine, these are really bad for the environment

These are just some of the things you can do to help the environment and local pollution issues that are set to get higher due to uneducated political people approving loads of huge housing developments.

The world has rising levels of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere all down to human activity.

Plants and trees are what can reduce carbon dioxide levels, we ask then why is Trafford Council continuing a huge programme of cutting down healthy and not so healthy trees in the borough? is it that the people who run this council are completely dunce where protecting the environment is or completely ignorant and like everything these days thinking about throwing it all under the carpet hoping everything will be alright!

We have one planet, humans have not looked after it, lets do our bit, we can be the green borough where the air is better than anywhere in the UK, where our children can grow up more healthy, and also would doing our bit to give this world, One World a chance to also breathe something it badly needs.

You can learn more about the world you are living in great detail and what the planet is going through by clicking this LINK



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