Amazing what you can capture over 45 miles away

Having a great zoom camera means you can get more than you sometimes expect.

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Looking east from a bridge in Broadheath our photographer who has appeared in Messenger newspapers and helped journalists for over 5-years has taken some amazing pictures with his Sony camera which has 63x optical zoom and the rest digital which brings you closer.

In one photo we can see what looks like a bird of prey, something though is flying at the side of it in the distance.

A great view of all the mountains was seen by the photographer, he told us that he could see aircraft coming in over Manchester airport, and further in the distance you can make out what looks like some kind of church.

Even with a DSLR you could not get that far unless you had a 600mm telescope! having a bridge camera has many benefits.

Although the Sony H-400 is a quality camera, you can get in even closer with either a Nikon P900 or even more closer with a beast of a camera called Nikon P1000.

Other cameras on the market that do a great job is the Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82EB with 60x optical zoom and priced at around £300, Canon has a decent range of zoom bridge cameras and Kodak has a 90x optical zoom camera which is better than the Nikon P900 which is around £200 more expensive.

If you have a steady hand like our photographer then you will be fine on the move, however most people will need a tripod.

If you want to see more photos of our photographer including some that appeared in Messenger click HERE


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