Aeroflot aircraft bursts into flames after crashing on a runway in Russia

An Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet crashed onto a runway at Moscow Sheremetyevo and then burst into a ball of fire on May 5th.


It is thought that the aircraft lost contact with ATC (Air Traffic Control) the captain dialed in the emergency squawk code 7700 before crash landing on the runway.

On board was 73 passengers and 5 crew we are hearing around 47 of those on board perished in the fire, those at the back of the aircraft suffered the worse, many of the survivors were able to escape down the shute at the front, the flight crew were able to escape down a rope.

Observers on the ground said the aircraft bounced of the runway and on landing again broke the gear and that is how the fire started, some are saying the aircraft was hit by a lighning strike.

The flight box recorder has been recovered and more details will emerge as to exactly how this aircraft crashed.



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