Chaos at Manchester Airport due to fuel supply problems

Chaos has left many flights cancelled or diverted due to fuel supply problems at Manchester Airport tonight.


Having checked with Flight Radar 24 we can see at 11pm their is a 95 minute delay with 37 cancellations for arrivals and a 42 minute delay and 44 cancellations for departures.

Thousands of passengers have been left stranded.

An EasyJet aircraft from Genoa that was due to land at Manchester at 7.30pm has now landed at Liverpool with a 3-hour delay, we will see more diverts as the night continues.

Operations will have to get some of these aircraft in the air as soon as posible despite the delays so to clear the way for more supplies and then to get the others in the air, clearing the backlog and all will resume as normal.

A spokesperson from Manchester Airport said: “Due to a power issue this afternoon there is currently an issue with the fuel supply at the airport and we have engineers on-site working to fix the issue.

“Please speak to your airline for specific flight information.”



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