5G is switched on soon and here is where you can get it in Trafford

EE will switch on there 5G services on May 30th and here we tell you where you can get 5G in Trafford.


New masts installed in Sale: image Darren Marsden

Despite Trafford Council telling us through a freedom of information request that they had no plans to let any network install any 5G mast or ariel in Trafford, sadly this information  is not true as we can show you EE has some coverage in the borough.

Vodafone will also be switching on there 5G in Manchester on June 3rd although on Vodafone coverage map it says that a big part of Old Trafford and Trafford Park with some coverage in Chorlton is already switched on!

Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 10.52.14 AM

Current 5G coverage: Image Vodafone

O2 will switch on 5G in Manchester next year.

You need a 5G enabled device for you to get the service.

5G will start out at 3.6GHz which would not really affect anyone, it is when they add the MM waves to lamposts where the issues will begin, no network has proven to us or anyone else that 5G is a tested safe technology.

We agree some information that is floating around on YouTube is not completely accurate regarding 5G.

5G in Trafford will be mostly around Old Trafford, Trafford Park and bits of Stretford, the signal will be good around the M60 at Sale.

Davyhulme Park looks to be covered with the signal, Priory Gardens in Sale will also have good coverage.

Longford Park in Stretford will have the best coverage anywhere.

Further south of the M60 EE’s 5G signal is patchy, nothing around Partington although a section of Carrington will get some coverage nearer Manchester United’s training ground, and a some coverage for Flixton.

Dunham has some coverage and a park further east of Altrincham FC will also get a little bit of coverage.

You can find out where EE – 5G will be switched on in your area by clicking this LINK



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