Forever in our hearts 22 innocent souls lost there lives on one of Manchester’s worst nights in living memory

Manchester will fall silent at 10.31pm tonight as we all remember those that died in the Manchester Arena attacks in 2017.

Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 3.35.31 PM

Scene inside the Manchester Arena after the attacks

The night when thousands of children and adults went to see Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena, everyone having a great time, children with balloons, mums and dads happy until Salman Abedi decided to blow himself up and sadly killed 22 innocent lives and injured hundreds of others.

Chaos was unfolding after the bomb had gone off, emergency services looking overwhelmed, but the spitit of Mancunians will nere be forgotten that night, the people of this great city helped people get back home, taxi drivers taking kids and parents home for free! It brings tears to the eyes remembering how amazing these people were.

It said to those that wanted to destroy us that the people of Manchester are stronger than you could ever imagine, and in times like this we are all one! you cannot ever alarm us, frighten us or whatever else! we are one.

Manchester will always be remembered for the public’s generosity and care that night and remembered for ever.

With those souls in heaven now, looking down they can be proud that we all shown love and respect for one another something they will all be at peace with.

Forever in our hearts.

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