Theresa May to resign as Tory leader on June 7th

Theresa May the UK Prime Minister has announced that she is to stand down as Conservative leader early next month.

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You can hear her full speech by clicking the play button below:

Her position as Prime Minister had been under pressure given the way she has handled Brexit and almost forgotten about her country she claims she loves.

In her speech outside of 10 Downing Street this morning May 24th 2019 she looked incredibly tired, she started the speech looking stressed although with her head was held up in a confident like way.

She went on to talk about what the Tories have done and the same nonsense about the debt coming down when everyone knows since the Tories have been in charge the national debt has increased in an alarming way, unemployment has never come down and the poorest in society has always under this government has been hit hardest which is cruel.

Her head went down half way through the talk and became more stressed at the end in a tearful way.

It would be more that her political career has almost come to an end rather than her ‘loving the country’ as to why she got so stressed.

Now the job is for the Tories to find the new PM which many are saying will be Boris Johnson! the leadership race will start soon after the current PM has stepped down on June 7th.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Theresa May was right to resign, she’s now accepted what the country’s known for months, she can’t govern, and nor can her divided and disintergrating party.

“Whoever becomes the new Tory leader must let the people decide our Country’s future through an immediate General Election.”


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