We give full recognition to a very special Urmston war veteran and community champion

Urmston War veteran and community champion John Simcock fought in wars and helped to make sure 40,000 malay vets got their service medals.


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John now aged 76 served in the Royal Air Force from 1962 to 1974 and served over in Cyprus, Zambia, Oman and also fought in the Malaysian/Borneo war.

The Malay/Borneo war was an intense battle which started in 1963 and ended in 1966, with 704 killed and 403 soldiers wounded.

John also served as a policeman from 1974 to 1986 after which he retired.

Once John left the air force he got married to Irene and has been married for 45-years, both then started fostering children from 1975, with between 80 and 100 children have been well looked after, they also adopted 5 children.

John’s community work was amazing, he volunteered for the Malay and Borneo Vets society making sure 2000 vets got their medals, what an amazing achievement that was, having gone over to Malaysia and set everything up, given up all his time to make sure these men got what they deserved.

Zoe Simcock John’s daughter told us “my Dad gave up his own time to volunteer after retirement for the Malay and Borneo veterans society, and became the president.

“He ensured 40,000 veterans were awarded their medals, making calls from home and arranging medal presentations to make sure that each veteran had the ceremony they deserved.

“He liaised with brigadier general to get his flights over from Malaysia, and funded all his and their travel and accommodation. He was a totally unfunded volunteer dedicating every day to answering thousands of calls to gentleman and widows eager to get presented with their medal.

“In 2011 the queen finally gave the right for the Pinjat Jasa medal to be worn and recognised after years of fighting for this.”

John is a true star and for all the work this man has done throughout his life, fighting wars making sure justice was served and helping servicemen get their medals was truly inspiring, his bravery shines bright and the respect this man has is assured forever.

Thanks to his children who contacted us about your dad who we are all incredibly proud of here at News4Trafford.

.Zoe, Vicky, Carole, Louise, Stephen,Karl and Gary, we cannot thank you all enough for sharing this truly amazing story about your father and mother.

.(Update) Sadly we have learned that John has since passed away afer a short stay in hospital we send our sincere condolences to the family of this great man.


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