Newton Park in Timperley is safe forever as it gets a Centenary Field status

Residents celebrated in Newton Park Timperley yesterday after it was given a new title to help protect it from vanashing of the map.


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Because some of the park is now a Centenary Field it will always be a park, protected from housing developers and everything else that could see the park vanish of the map.

The Centenary programme protects parks and will honour all those that died in WW1.

With the help of an unnamed resident and The Freinds of Newton Park Group they contacted Trafford Council for help, the council then applied to the Fields Trust to dedicate a large part of the park to Lieutenant-Colonel Charls Edward Newton who was the original owner of what is now Newton Park.

Newton was born in 1859 and died in 1937, once he had died he gave the park to the community to enjoy, this park has been saved thanks to the resident and the park group, with the help of Trafford Council and councillors, local people can enjoy this small bit of land forever.

Fields in Trust have to this date legally protected 2809 parks in the UK, you can find out more and potentially save your own park from housing developers and others by clicking this LINK

The event yesterday May 24th saw the new Mayor of Trafford unvailing a plaque to commemorate the occasion.




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