Lib Dems top the EU poll in Trafford and Tommy Robinson gets more votes than expected

The Trafford Lib Dems have topped the EU poll tonight and Tommy Robinson gets more votes than expected.

Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 11.48.05 PM

Turnout in Trafford was fairly high compared to other boroughs at 40.4%

The full results tonight here in Trafford are:

  1. 15620 – Lib Dems
  2. 15098 – Brexit Party
  3. 13644 – Labour
  4. 11402 – Green Party
  5. 6123 – Conservative
  6. 2122 – Change UK
  7. 1737 – UKIP
  8. 898 – English Dems
  9. 826 – Tommy Robinson
  10. 219 – Pro EU
  11. 67 – Aslam Mohammed

Tommy Robinson did not come last so he can be feeling a little better tonight despite the former EDL man not getting anywhere near enough votes overall in the North West at this time to get in as an MEP.

The night though belongs to the Lib Dems here in Trafford although overall in the UK it seems The Brexit Party have killed off Labour and the Tories.

Looking down the list we can see the Tories in 5th, the people are voting them out of everything not just over brexit but the way they are treating vulnerable people.

We will have a statement soon from Trafford Lib Dems and will update this article when we get this press release.

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