GM Mayor Andy Burnham responds to the public’s concerns about 5G

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has responded to News4Trafford after we contacted him about 5G safety concerns.


Andy Burnham : Image Darren Mardsen

His response which is below is interesting, the most interesting part is where he says their will be two types of 5G, the first part of 5G will be only a moderate increase in power, with 4G its around 2.6GHz and 5G 3.6GHz and the new masts will be much the same as we ar used to seeing, so no real difference.

The other 5G that Burnham has stated is the part where they will add masts on lamposts and cut down more trees, this is where the frequencies will need to be higher, we think this will happen next year.

The entire statement reads:

The GMCA (Greater Mancheser Combined Authority) is aware of 5G and its use of high frequencies and the potential harm it can do.

Having liased closely with the Governments Digital Culture Media and Sport their views on 5G are as follows:

A considerable amount of research has been carried out on radio waves and we anticipate no negative effects on public healthPHE (Public Health England centre for radiation chemical and environmental hazards takes the lead on public health matters associated with radiofrequency, electromagnetic fields, or radio waves used in telecommunications

5G is the latest evolution in mobile communcations technology and currently in its development stages, 5G will have a higher data capacity than current systems in order to trandfer a larger volume of informationSome 5G technology will use similar frequencues to existing communications systems and other 5G tchnology will work at higher frequencies where the main change would be less penetration of radio waves through materials for example (walls)

While a small increase in overall radiation exposure is expected to remain low and well within the guidelines from the International Commision of Non-Ionizing Radio Protection.

The Mayor then told us if their is any change to the above he would let us know.