Campaigner finds thousands of plastic bottles dumped in a river gets creative

When Pete Miners decided to create a group on Facebook he could not have imagined the enormous amount of plastics in the River Mersey.


Lucozade Graffiti : Image Pete Miners

To date he has with the help of volunteers found thousands of bottles and needles and bagged them all with it seems little thanks from One Trafford who are unwilling to remove the bags.

Two Bucklow councillors have also tried to help Peter and ‘so far’ been ineffetcive.

Peter with his faithful pet used the negative into a positive by making words out of the many bottles and bottle tops he has found, you could called it ‘Bottle Graffiti’

Because of Peter’s efforts and the volunteers he has this part of the River Mersey in Sale where it takes a ‘U-bend’ is now not only cleaner but also safer.

We urge the council to show some gratitude for the work Peter and his volunteers have done and pick up the rubbish, even if it is on private land, it should not matter in this case.

You can join Peter and the others on Facebook searching for ‘Counting Outdoor Manchester Bottles.


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