Police and Manchester City Council join forces to tackle knife crime

The Police and Manchester City Council are combining forces to tackle knife crime.


As part of Op Sceptre, the national campaign to tackle knife crime, from Friday 14 June additional GMP officers will be deployed across Manchester, over every weekend throughout the summer, until Sunday 1 September. Ahead of the national campaign, that will be taking place towards the end of this year, this initial operation will target specific hotspots in the north throughout the busier summer months.

Officers will be using all appropriate powers at their disposal to disrupt and prosecute those who routinely carry weapons and commit serious violent crime.

As well as officers conducting stop and searches within the community, Manchester City Council will be visiting local schools to educate children through presentations on the dangers of knife crime.

The recent rise in knife crime is shown through figures obtained from January to February this year where a total of 139 crimes where a knife or machete was used, seen or threatened and an increase of 21% were seen between March and April to 168 crimes.

Superintendent Umer Khan said: “Reducing knife crime is a priority at GMP and this summer drive of action will help tackle the regular offenders, as our officers target hotspots throughout the north.

“The rise in knife crime has provoked concern and anxiety across communities so I am committed to addressing and reducing the number of attacks.

“This operation is one of the ways in which I will do this and in the process will educate and help young people within local schools to understand the effects of carrying a knife.”

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council said: “This year too many families have been torn apart by the devastating consequences of knife crime, and Manchester City Council is fully committed to supporting this operation.

“At the council we are committed to supporting Greater Manchester Police and will continue to work with communities which have been blighted by knife crime.

“We need to listen and learn the reasons why people have resorted to carrying a weapon, and only then can we work together to get these blades off our streets.”

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