Huge housing development to be built soon on land near to Lock Lane in Partington

A huge housing development at the back of Lock Lane in Partington is just about to be announced by Peel.

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Peel has found a national house builder after spending years looking for a buyer.

550 new apartments are to be built and a new cycle route planned which will circle Partington, we hope this route will connect with others towards Sinderland Lane.

We also have information that although the Central Road housing development has been approved, Peel will find a buyer for the land sometime this year.

Peel is hopeful both sites will see some action this year.

What does this mean for Partington residents? disruption for some time, on the Central Road site which is where the boards are facing the shopping centre it is expected that section of road and the roundabout will see some temporary lights for a time and some delays.

With the Lock Lane housing development, existing residents will see huge changes, no more silence during the day, and some traffic disruption.

Once completed the area will swell with more people, we have seen the plans for the housing development although this could be altered slightly by the national housebuilding company and sadly no new roads are planned, no new shops are to be built, we are told by a GP that residents do not have to worry about medical facilities as this is being watched closely.

Pollution will rise as many more cars will choke up the already chocked up road network in and around Partington.

Peel have told us they are to issue a press release on the Lock Lane housing development soon.

We will keep you all updated on both housing developments and also what is happening at Heath Farm Lane and Broadway.

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