The crew of a six-part drama was back filming in Partington

The production team filming a six-part drama called ‘Traces’ was back in Partington today (June 21st)



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Filming was taking place in and around the former Partington Social Club on Warburton Lane in Partington.

Whilst on set we could see lots of fake police cars and officers, also several forensics and even a tent! and some digging equipment.

Their was also police tape all around the perimeter, several Panavision trucks were parked on land where the old Greyhound pub used to be.

Lots of crew and security was hanging around, although was the security part of the set or for real? even the police looked real.

The former pub was burnt down after the landlord spent a fortune doing it up, the fire was a complete disaster for not only the landlord but for the community,.

No one could have guessed though its final days was to become part of a production.

Once the filming has been completed the former pub will be bulldozed and a new section of flats will be built which we are told will be all affordable.

The drama will be shown on UKTV at the end of the year.

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