Extreme weather predicted for next week advisories have been issued

A weather advisory has been issued for very warm weather and thunderstorms from Wednesday next week.

thunder striking a building photo

Photo by takenbytablo on Pexels.com

The weather this weekend so far has been very warm with Manchester getting to 23c next week the mercury will rise to a possible 34c in some parts, it is likely Manchester will get to around the 30c mark on Thursday.

Weather forecasters predict wild thunderstorms with hail and strong winds next week due to the humidity which will be very high.

Nights will be very warm making things a tad uncomfy for those without a cooling fan, it will be tempting to open your windows during the night, this though will make it easy for half witted thieves so we suggest to get a fan instead.

Remember also during the hotter weather about leaving your pets inside the car or van, even with the window open it makes no difference, your beloved dog or cat will slowly die.


DO NOT bring your pet with you to go out to shopping, if you have been for a walkies and its in the back of the car, go home first then go shopping, many people do not go home and leave the animal in the back of the car or van.

It does not take long for the animal to suffer and you never know how long that “5 minutes” will be.

People with Asthma and lung conditions should stay indoors on Wednesday and Thursday, or bring with them a drink and medicaions, do not leave home without your medicaions.

Even fit people will find it a struggle and the advice even for them is to take it easy and take regular water breaks if running or cycling.

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