When we saw the signs go up that work on a mobile mast on Washway Road in Sale that was planned for June 23 we could only think it was for 5G.

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The work taking place on the mast which is directly oposite Dragon City on Washway Road is extensive, we saw three workmen at the top of the mast and one below.

A workman at the bottom who was pulling out loads of cables had a quick chat to us, our questions was:

  1.  Is this upgrade anything to do with 5G? he paused for a moment then smiled and then said no it was an issue with the mast and they had to take out all the cables, this was a 5G upgrade.
  2. Tell us about 5G is it safe and do you know of any safety testing? The worker started grinning, then told us it was dangerous with the higher frequencies and nodded his head when we said that when these masts and ariels go onto lampposts it will become even more dangerous due to the power.
  3. Is there any safety tests being carried out with 5G? he tells us unlike 4G no testing has been carried out on 5G masts and this is why no one can find anything.

Interestingly he agreed that the networks are slipping in 5G in a crafty way by using normal masts at first and then adding the dangerous second installation later on this year or early next year.

5G at this time is fairly safe, its the second part of it that is not, lets tell you why this is and what is going on:

  • 5G uses at this time low frequencies so it will be around 3.6GHz and will just be an upgrade to 4G so in effect you can say its 4.5G
  • 5G in its second installation where masts and antenna is on lampposts and buildings or other street furniture will have no limits to power so they could reach 100GHz although unlikely to go that far.
  • When on lamppots the power will increase and will provide a better signal as the signal will then use a thing called a MMwave (Milimetre Wave) which is used in a thing called Active Denial System on the battlefield.
  • The radiation from these things is off the scale and will slowly burn your skin.

5G is not safe at all and we need to get the councillors and MPs to stop the roll out of the masts on lampposts and other street furniture.

The engineer we spoke with today completely confirmed that the technology is unsafe.